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Reusable code
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Reusable code

I found myself trying to create well-designed classes (for DB or network) and reuse them in my different projects.
The problem is that they are difficult to be moved/copied across many projects, as I can improve them by time. So when I do it, I need to copy-paste new version of code across all projects. The same problem was discussed here, but that thread is almost 4 years old.

What I want to see in EE is "code-like add-on" feature. I'll try to explain how I see it.
Add-ons like in Unity or UE4, that can extend Editor itself can be too complicated to make right now.
So when we create a new project, there should be an option, regular project or add-on one. If it's add-on, then when publishing it's not actually creating an .EXE (that is not cross-platform), but it creates an encrypted package with read-only header files (like EE headers) and encrypted bodies that can be "installed" in the editor. And when I create new project and new application inside it, i can set this add-on to "use this add-on" and I get it included as I already have all EE headers.
And when I edit this add-on and re-install it, it is automatically applied to all my projects.

The point is to keep code as "code" and not as binaries is to make add-ons really cross-platform and easy to use.
The other point is to be able to sell custom code classes in EE store and use them as real add-ons.
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01-15-2018 10:24 PM
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RE: Reusable code
I would have to assume you are wanting something like how static libraries/dynamic libraries function but in a way that it works and loads a modules inside EE editor to make them easier to access and with the ability to read the headers directly inside the editor.
if I've assumed correctly that would be a very neat feature to have. +1. smile
01-16-2018 12:24 AM
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