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The best way to manage and apply animation ?
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The best way to manage and apply animation ?
After 3 weeks using Esenthel, I think I understand how this engine work, and kinda fall in love with the built-in IDE. But animation usage is still not clear to me. I have many questions for this.

Indeed, I really want to learn this engine and use it for my projects. It looks like not many people using Esenthel today. Therefore it is hard to find a step by step or detail tutorial for amature like me. Official tutorials which was shipped with engine itself are clear but not helpful enough

my programming in CPP is not really good, English too and I am not a fast learner :(

My Problem:
I have an animatable object (hand model). It has "move" and "idle" animation
I can blend 2 animation by:

virtual bool update()
skel.animate(UID(xxxx move xxxx), Time.time(), blend);
skel.animate(UID(xxxx idle xxxx), Time.time(), 1 - blend);

by adjusting blend variable, I can make hand model switch smoothly between 2 animations. I know that Motion is made for single animation so that I use this

if(Kb.bp(_anykey_) myMotion.set(skel, UID(xxxx attack xxx));
skel.animate(motion, true);

but it does not work as expected. Please show me how to manage both of loop and one time animation and apply to an animatable model.
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