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tutorials and other questions
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tutorials and other questions
First off hello everyone I am new to the site and am very interested in the engine. I have been trying to work with the world editor but have been just having a little bit of a tough time with it. I did search the forums and found one about tutorials but the link to them seems to be broken. Did the link change, and were can I find some tutorials on the world editor?

Edit: another question is about the lights in the editor is there any way to just have it on like a full bright mode?

Thank you very much,
01-14-2009 08:11 PM
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Re: tutorials and other questions
Hello and welcome to the forums,

Please check World Editor documentation, there is a topic "Quickstart", it has following information

Quote:When starting your adventure with the World Editor, it is best advised to follow these steps:

Insert a new heightmap on the screen using Insert key
Set its shape using "Height Brush" window, where you can select modification mode, and apply it on the terrain using RMB
Apply materials on the terrain using "Material Brush" window and again RMB
Place some objects using Insert screen in Object Mode, and set their types
Save, Build and use your World in your application

when I'll find the time I'll make a video about it.

Thanks for the idea about the lights, I'll add such option
01-16-2009 01:09 PM
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