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June 2021
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June 2021
Released Esenthel for Windows, Mac and Linux:
-IMPORTANT: After opening old projects in new engine version, your material textures will look broken! Please reload all of your material textures (make sure all material image source files are accessible, then in "Project List" at the top, select "List Only Materials" and "List Flat", select all materials in the project Ctrl+A and right-click "Operations\Material\Reload Base Textures", Warning: this process may take a long time and require a lot of disk space, use "Erase Removed Elements" after synchronizing with server to delete old textures)
-IMPORTANT: changed the way Material Light maps are treated (before they were treated as Ambient maps, now they're treated as Emissive maps allowing for greater flexibility)
-IMPORTANT: changed the way Material Detail maps are treated, now color scales between 0..2 allowing to preserve average original luminance (previously it was 0..1), smoothness now offsets by delta (previously it scaled 0..1)
-IMPORTANT: Material glow effect may now look different, you may want to readjust glow parameters where you use it
-implemented a great new feature in which you can drag and drop multiple texture files onto material editor (but not on any texture slot) and it will auto assign the textures in correct slots
-added a new checkbox allowing to easily control if want to use smoothness or roughness texture, which can be used instead of holding the Alt key or appending "?inverseRGB" to file name
-removed the need to hold Shift key or use "?metalToReflect" modifier when importing reflectivity/metallic maps
-now the "?metalToReflect" modifier is ignored and does nothing
-updated documentation page about materials (reflectivity)
-improved texture quality of smoothness and reflectivity/metallic maps, removing some artifacts when both smoothness and metallic are used together
-material reflectivity parameter was split into 2 (min and max)
-improved bloom effect quality to add more realistic shine on bright/lit materials
-improved glow effect, it was calibrated to provide results similar to emissive
-added new parameter 'D.bloomGlow'
-various other improvements to material editor
-added new "Full" option for "Erase Removed Elements" (a little slower but might remove more files)
-improved mesh 'setAdjacencies' function, which should prevent very rare crashes in DirectX Mesh Optimizer
-material texture downsize function now supports material emissive textures
-added new material parameter 'Material.emissive_glow'
-added new rendering stage RS_EMISSIVE
-using 'Renderer.target' no longer requires holding an 'ImageRTPtr' for it

-fixed 'RenderIcon' function not working on OpenGL

API Changes:
-'D.bloomScale' value is now different, default value is now 0.8
-removed 'D.bloomSamples', 'D.bloomMaximum', 'D.bloomBlurs', 'D.bloomHalf'
-'Renderer.target' type was changed from 'ImageRT*' to 'ImageRTC*'
-'Image.drawMask' now multiplies all RGBA colors, for old behaviour please use 'Image.drawMaskA'
06-06-2021 05:17 PM
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RE: June 2021
Updated Esenthel Source:
-added new material technique MTECH_DEPTH_BLEND
-improved glow for cases when material color texture is near black
06-12-2021 05:08 AM
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