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Game Engine Comparison
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Game Engine Comparison
In my attempt to attract more users to the engine, I've created a Game Engine Comparison between Esenthel Unreal and Unity - https://esenthel.com/?id=compare

I've tried to gather most important things, highlight strengths and weaknesses.

Is there anything that you like in Esenthel that it's not available in other engines, that I didn't include on the page already?

Or is there anything important that you think Esenthel is missing?
(I can't promise to add those things near-term, but it might affect my long-term planning)

Thanks! smile
08-15-2021 01:53 PM
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RE: Game Engine Comparison
Hey there !

very fair comparison, i think you might have missed the lightning/shadow / particle portion of it.

I have been using this engine for a long time, and i have always loved how easy it is to code in EE, no headache.

I have spoken up a few times with what i thought would be great to add into the engine, develop a bit the module hard coded in the engine.
-Particle editor. unity does that fantastically and you can create some pretty sick looking particles and 3d particle effect, i personally been struggling to make anything look ok in EE and after that the game doesnt seems to be drawing the same way...
-water (water in general seems lacking)
-grass/tree specific swaying from the drawing technique, environment with pre-generated settings. it is good as it is, but not going deep enough ( weather, wind... ).
-UI in EE is hard to get right, difficult to master, and doesnt always look/feel great ( if you compare with how UE4 UI works ) would greatly benefits from more tutorial, especially panels

As you mentionned:
-cloth simulation ( any AA game title in first person would probably need that nowaday )
-IK support out of the boxes for bones ( any AA game title in first person would probably need that nowaday )

(and the big one)
-exposed shader with some tutorial ? smile
(i feel some people might not use this engine because of how the shader looks like out of the box)

but at the end of the day, i think one of the main reason why people use unity/UE is because of the store items and code snippet, which is out of your control.
but i would say that having the code source of the few prototype you made on the EE market place released for free would be a pretty nice step in that direction. might bring a few more people if they can see what is possible and how it is written.
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08-15-2021 05:07 PM
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RE: Game Engine Comparison
That is why I love EE, even when I'm not using all the features.

Agree with RedcrowProg especially the Asset Store that Unity/UE that have code snippet, ready-to-use prototype, shaders, and other systems, very attractive to a new developer. Some feature listed as no can be found in its asset for example.

You may also want to add that Unity also supports Windows 7 and x86 too.
08-16-2021 11:51 AM
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RE: Game Engine Comparison
May I say I am very impressed with your comparisons (although startup times is just a showoff pfft )

I am simply speechless with the visual improvements that have been released in the past few days. This simply shows Esenthel's, in my eyes, superiority. We only lack more people, so time to get more people onboard!
08-16-2021 05:54 PM
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Pixel Perfect Offline

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RE: Game Engine Comparison
I think comparison charts like these are helpful as they quickly and effectively highlight a lot of aspects of the engine that people may not be immediately aware of.
Following my quick scan through it, it looked pretty comprehensive although I didn't see any reference to nav mesh support and pathfinding ... maybe I missed that somewhere.

The length of time Greg's maintained and expanded this engine is testament to his commitment to it and that counts for a lot in my book. Esenthel is probably the most stable engine I have ever worked with and Greg's support is literally second to none, with any reported issue once confirmed getting fixed almost immediately.

It would be great to see bigger user numbers as the engine without doubt deserves it, and it would make for a much more vibrant community.

One of the problems you face is simply being a single person engine developer. It's always something that many game devs warn new game devs against with the classic 'what if something happens to them' argument. There is somewhat more safety in numbers, although that's not an absolute guarantee either to be fair.

Regarding additions to the engine the one suggestion I would make is the need for vertex animation support, as all modern facial animation is based on it.
08-24-2021 12:24 AM
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