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The unity exodus - Plan for the future ?
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The unity exodus - Plan for the future ?
Just wondering now that there is a lot of devs looking for a new engine, is there any plan on the future of the engine ?

Enticement to get more people involved ?
Road map ?
Restructuring of the payment plan ?

To me, there is a disconnect that is becoming a bit of an issue, and I'd like to know the engine has some kind of goal for the next 3/5 years
09-16-2023 10:27 PM
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RE: The unity exodus - Plan for the future ?
The unity situation is the reason I made the new video about my game to showcase my engine and attract more people.
I can't do anything more to promote Engine without users support - donations, or users trying to help promote the engine, by spreading the word, sharing on Facebook Twitter YouTube, discord, forums, etc.
Donations are super low, and it's like that for a long time already. So my plans haven't changed anything, and I will keep adding to the engine whatever I need for World of Esenthel game.
09-17-2023 03:34 AM
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RE: The unity exodus - Plan for the future ?
It's been a very difficult environment for independent game engine designers to survive in, with it being virtually impossible for many to generate sufficient income to make it viable. Whilst I appreciate current users of the engine with ongoing projects feeling more secure when seeing a development road map I fully understand Gregs position. Having put countless years into the development of this engine with little financial reward, he's now actively using it to make games of his own which potentially could finally offer some return on his investment as well as increase the visibility of the engine.

So long as the current version supports all the functionality active developers current game projects require, not withstanding the occasional bug which Greg always fixes promptly, then the absence of active ongoing development of the engine only becomes an issue when starting new projects. That inevitably always includes a re-evaluation of potential game engines and their suitability for the project.

The longevity of any game engine is of course impacted by a lack of ongoing development as the technology moves on but realistic expectations of what is viable for small team/one man engine developers I feel also needs to be appreciated.
09-20-2023 11:13 AM
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