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December 2023
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December 2023
Updated Esenthel Source:
-mesh parts can now be reordered with drag and drop
-fixes to reordering enums and mesh variations
-added option to replace skeleton bones for multiple objects at the same time
-added option to automatically add sub-spine bone in bones "Adjust Bone Orientations"
-added new parameter for D.envColor (color_add) allowing to smoothly transition to custom color
-Water now has its own separate environment parameters (Water.env*)
-added new vector classes VecB5 VecI5 Vec5
-terrain heightmaps now support up to 5 materials per mesh triangle (old was 4)
-improved terrain heightmap multi material blending
-improved terrain heightmap quad face ordering to generate smoother terrain mesh
-added extra softening for water
-increased resolution of default gui skin buttons
-added new 'Date' class functions
-animation editor now displays root angular speed
-removed Material macro textures
12-30-2023 06:02 PM
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