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Help on making an RTS
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Help on making an RTS
Hey there, Im Rudy,

I'm currently using the essenthel engine for school.
Me and my group are trying to make a RTS but have stumbled upon a minor problem.
When trying to make unit selection work, I try to ray-test if I hit the character I created on the screen using Physics.ray. The problem is how do I give my character a flag and how do I use this flag to make the ray test ONLY the character? right now I'm using 3 of the 4 arguments in Physics.ray and the fourth is supposed to enable ray-testing for certain "groups". how do you use these groups and how to assign them?

thanks for the help!!!
Also, anyone have any idea's for box selection? I already managed to create the box but any ideas on how to test what is inside the box?
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03-24-2010 01:00 PM
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RE: Help on making an RTS
Physics.ray (group) - here group is a bit combination of selected groups
03-24-2010 05:02 PM
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