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Requests from me and my graphics artist
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Requests from me and my graphics artist
Feature requests from me, sorted into priority:

1. Keep working on animated Fur Grass in WE with length paint option.

3. Transparency - e.g. for hair in our game, and the leaves which bend in trees - so that they use their alpha maps properly - can you do similar to Cry Engine 3 with their deferred renderer? They talk about it here. http://www.crytek.com/fileadmin/user_upl...ngine3.ppt

4. ME Horizontal slices in Billboard LODs - option to create a single horizontal slice, when generating a billboard, with a height slider 0..1 to adjust height (e.g. Trees and Plants often have a stem/trunk and then the horizontal slice would be near the canopy/flower)

5. WE Vegetation Shader with config e.g. changing stuff like the backside color of leaf, the bending speed for complex (wind) bending, and changing the colours slightly of the object materials for different shades.

6. Better object picking in the WE - I've got lots of tree's etc in a deep forest which need adjusting every now and then - its difficult to select objects in this case - you have to move the mouse all over the place under the tree before it highlights them. Worse with bigger trees. This will save days of time.

EDIT: 7. Currently focus is shifted from GUI .desc("...") when the mouse moves a single pixel - making it hard for me, and impossible for elderly people, to read the desc messagessmile Can the focus listener be rewritten so that the desc follows the mouse/stays until it leaves the selected componenet?

From Dan:

1. Bump voxel terrain up higher. Needed for the caves, and to continue world expansion.

2. Mesh Editor - A more structured and functional material setup. something less dependant on file names and more dependant on click a specular button, select specular map etc. Especially when it comes to multiple materials on one object with multiple parts.

3. Mesh Editor - A new button - so you can have a clean environment to work in, w/o having to check to see if the physics is still there etc.

4. Mesh Editor Macros - and/or better importer for .3ds/obj - its a pain having to do Ctrl+H, set normals, weld normals, G, F5 before getting anywhere.

Keep up the fantastic work smile
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04-21-2010 01:34 AM
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RE: Requests from me and my graphics artist
eh? So you finally made an account here. Damn yank pfft
04-21-2010 06:28 AM
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