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August 2010
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Esenthel Online

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August 2010
Released for Windows:
-IMPORTANT: default value for parameter 'collision' in Joint::create* methods has been changed to false
-IMPORTANT: updated format for Joint::save,load - old savegames may not work (joints now save breakable informations)
-IMPORTANT: Drive::path is now of Str type (instead of old Char[3]) and it includes slash at the end
-IMPORTANT: FileFind::path now includes slash at the end
-IMPORTANT: ShaderCompileTry, ShaderCompile functions now accept 'model' parameter as SHADER_MODEL type (not as Int like before)
-IMPORTANT: constant "MODEL" inside shaders is no longer an Int, it is one of "SM_*" enums defined in shader file "defines.h" (please adjust your custom shaders to compare MODEL to enums instead of ints)
-IMPORTANT: CreateShortcut function parameter 'shortcut' should now NOT include ".lnk" extension (extension is automatically added depending on the system)
-IMPORTANT: updated "loading screen" tutorial, by adding new 'ThreadMayUseGPUData' function, this is required only for OpenGL renderer (Mac and iPhone)
-new SHADER_MODEL enum type SM_GL
-new documentation topic "programming\c++\writing portable codes"
-new PhysPart,Phys::adjustStorage method
-new World Editor menu option "Heightmap/Phys Storage"
-new Converter mode "Phys" allowing to adjust storage type of phys files
-improved "physical body" documentation topic, to include information about different storage types
-removed MemlNode::safePrev,saveNext methods
-new methods Actor::ignored
-new method Edit::Area::hmMaterial
-new member Drive::name
-updated Game::Chr::enable method to check for ragdoll_mode
-added support for D.gamma when in fullscreen mode in DX10+ renderer
-"head" and "body" bones are now no longer required to be in the skeleton for the Game::Chr
-fixed drawing mouse cursor when in APP_MS_EXCLUSIVE mode
-hardware mouse cursor can now accept all sizes and image types, because it is now always automatically resized to 32x32 b8g8r8a8 image internally, smooth alpha values are now also supported
-added support for volumetric clouds in DX10+
-removed unnecessary explicit keyword for Memb constructor, allowing to return Memb containers from functions
08-02-2010 05:12 PM
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Esenthel Online

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RE: August 2010
Released for Windows and Mac:
-IMPORTANT: Esenthel Engine now supports Mac platform, separate EE SDK for Mac is available on the download page of the main website
-new documentation topic "installation\installation on Mac"
-new documentation topic "programming/project settings/xcode"
-current working folder for application is now always set to .exe location at application start
-Renderer.combine now works with all 3 renderers
-fixed generating object and volumetric clouds on DX9
-fixed importing textures as reflection maps from 1 image in material editor in DX9
08-08-2010 12:38 AM
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Esenthel Online

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RE: August 2010
Released for Windows and Mac:
-IMPORTANT: Int weight (0..1000) parameter in FontMake function has been changed to Flt weight (0..1)
-updated shader tutorials to compile shaders for SM_GL, SM_2, SM_3 or SM_4 depending on current shader model
-updated documentation "xcode project settings", including external frameworks is now done by "linker flags" option instead of adding framework files to project file list
-added support for creating fonts in Mac
-new D.bloomContrast method (also added in World Editor environment settings)
-added more comments in the PakFileData class
-new tutorial "misc/files/pak update"
-new member Sky.atmosphericStarsOrientation
-improved precision of App.x,y on Mac
-Mac SDK now also features Autoupdate tool
08-10-2010 04:08 PM
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Esenthel Online

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RE: August 2010
Released for Windows and Mac:
-IMPORTANT: there are lot of api changes listed below, new functionalities and name changes, please make sure to update your codes carefully
-IMPORTANT: introduced new functionality in the Cache objects - accesing elements by new 'ptr*' methods, which return specialized pointers to data allowing for counted reference system (data is unloaded when there are no specialized pointers left referencing that data), please check new cache tutorial mentioned below
-IMPORTANT: Game Obj classes now don't store resources using Mesh*, Material*, Phys* but they use MeshPtr, MaterialPtr, PhysBodyPtr (please check the updated source codes), game objects should also manually delete physical actors (Actor) in destructor (to make sure that actor is deleted before the physical body), basically it comes down to replacing "Mesh*" to "MeshPtr" and "mesh=Meshes(..)" to "mesh=Meshes.ptr(..)" or "mesh.require(..)", and calling actor.del() in destructor
-IMPORTANT: updated MainMenu.nib file in Mac SDK (please copy the updated file to your project)
-IMPORTANT: some settings have different default values under OpenGLES (iPhone), these include Renderer.type(RT_FORWARD), Renderer.color_palette=NULL, D.bloomScale(0.0), D.shdMode(SHD_NONE), D.particlesSmoothAnim(false), D.texFilter(1), D.texMipFilter(false), Sky.atmosphericPrecision(false)
-IMPORTANT: merged SHD_MAP with SHD_MAP_HW (hardware shadow mapping is now done automatically if supported), because of the SHD_MAP_HW enum removal, ConfigLoad function (and the tools) when loading old config.txt files, will treat old SHD_MAP_HW enum (shadow mapping) as SHD_STENCIL enum (stencil shadows) mode, which means you will not have shadows, please remove old "config.txt" files, or re-adjust shadow mode to shadow maps D.shdMode(SHADOW_MAP) after reading the old config file, or re-adjust shadows in video options to "off" and again to "on"
-IMPORTANT: removed DIM_TYPE enum, Sound::_create now takes "Bool is3D" parameter instead, old savegames which used Sound::save may not load saved sounds for 1d mode
-new tutorial "advanced/misc/cache advanced"
-D.tesselation is now by default disabled
-removed D.depthTexture, it is now always used if supported
-removed APP_ALLOW_RT_FORWARD - it is now no longer needed
-new documentation topic "Mobile Platforms\iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch"
-new member Renderer.precise_sort_blend_objects
-new 'Touch' class, 'Touches' container, 'SimulateTouches' function and 'Accelerometer' function defined in input.h used on iPhone
-new tutorial "advanced/misc/touch screen" (on windows and mac it also works because it is simulated with mouse by using special command)
-new method App.orientation
-new method Ms.eatWheel
-new method D.texMipFilter
-removed PakDefs and MenuDefs (please use Node<PakNode> instead of "N" where PakDefs was used, and Node<CMenuElm> instead of "N" where MenuDefs was used)
-removed Selection class, please use Memc<Int> instead
-stencil shadows now also work in DX10+ and OpenGL
-OpenGL shaders now support jittering and proper detection for front/back faced lighting
-new member FontCreateParams::mip_maps
-new method FontCreateParams::adjustForOpenGLES (required for creating fonts for OpenGL ES)
-new methods Image,Font,MeshPart,MeshLod,Mesh,MeshGroup::freeOpenGLESData
-new application flag APP_AUTO_FREE_OPEN_GL_ES_DATA
-new method D.particlesSmoothAnim
-new method Sky.atmosphericPrecision
-improved comments on Memc,Memb methods stating which can and which don't change memory address of the elements
-added "ES" - OpenGL ES profile for the comments on IMAGE_TYPE's, specifying which image types are supported on iPhone platform
-included comment next to IMAGE_3D enum, specifying that it is not supported on OpenGL ES iPhone platform
-shortened "memory containers" and "cache" headers by moving hidden/private classes into separate headers
-added new information on World Editor documentation how to increase its performance (on the bottom of the document)
-added support for making screenshots on Mac
-fixed potential crash in screenshot function
08-25-2010 05:02 PM
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