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Particle Animations.
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Particle Animations.
Dear reader,

In the particle editor, we saw that there is no animations tab. This made us really sad. In order to make us really happy, we would like to discuss the following option: Particle Animation

In the particle tab, creating particles is not hard to do. However, we get stuck in the following simplified spell:
Player stands normally.
Player activates spell
// Playing the animation with 1 hand in the air, drawing a pentagram.
After the animation, a particle pops up in front of the character, and draws a vertical pentagram in 3 seconds, ==> Particle lifespan also 3 seconds. Thus it would draw, and then "undraw" the pentagram.
// effects after animation.

This can be done by adding a bone to a ball (very tiny) from which the particles spawn. Ofcource, this just optional!
The last optional options would include "fly-to-target" and "fly-to-self", to a standard bone.

This would circumvent the creation of a new character-ball, and use particles on mesh and play animations.

Discuss? smile

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01-01-2011 06:25 PM
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