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connecting with winsock client
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connecting with winsock client

I'm trying to make a small client program to put in my system tray. It should notify me when someone logs in on my game server.

Since this is a windows forms application, I have to use winsock2 to connect to the server. So how do I communicate?

Do I just implement winsock connections on the server also, aside from the esenthel network code I already have?

Or can I just use the network handler from esenthel? In this case I am unsure how to format my network messages from the client and decode what I get back. I see that the messages are in File format, but I didn't find out how exactly they are constructed. I guess I can figure it out by trial and error, but if there is some documentation about this that I overlooked I'd like to know.
05-17-2011 10:00 PM
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RE: connecting with winsock client
EE has Socket (wrapper for winsock) class, and Connection class
Socket is exactly the same as winsock

Connection is a class based on Socket that automatically handles custom messages

there are tutorials for both classes
05-18-2011 07:26 PM
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