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Pak update /w compression???
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Pak update /w compression???
Hi, I have a compressed, secured pak file using lzma (well the one from 7z I don't remember the exact name).

I have to make an update for it.

I uploaded my data to a server, patch exemple works, but when updating pak file, it stores it uncompressed, going from 340mb to 860mb.

No option in .h to get compression working for pakupdate.

Bool PakUpdate(Pak &src_pak, Memb<PakFileData> &update_files, C Str &pak_name, Secure *dest_secure=NULL); // update 'src_pak' by adding 'update_files' and saving the new Pak into 'pak_name'

Any way to update a pak and compress it at the same time?


Edit: Also, having a way to start a thread with pakupdate and get a completion % value would be good since updating a pack takes times, so this way I can make a progress bar smile
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10-13-2011 07:51 PM
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RE: Pak update /w compression???
PakUpdate will support compression in next SDK
10-14-2011 06:36 PM
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