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Server programming language
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RE: Server programming language
(11-28-2011 03:20 AM)aceio76 Wrote:  I think Memory first might be more of a bottleneck on the server than CPU, but I think that will depend on what other systems are running on the server (mob server, combat server, ability server complete with cooldowns, channeling, etc).

I'm curious myself as to the limitations, but I shall cross that bridge when I need to cross it smile

about CPU you are right, about memory - well.. it really depends on how you code the server. in example there is opensource lineage2 server emulator called l2j. i recall running server with 700 online people on machine that had 4 GB ram. and there was ~gig free. Tho it was years ago, i dont know current state of l2j server. Also i recently have been running official leaked lineage2 server, which with 700 online consumed around 16gb ram. most of it was just pre-allocated since server was managing its memory itself. i guess you can get a picture.. and you should not be worried, if you run server your hardware will be able to handle it smile its not like people would run server on P4 nowdays.. smile)
11-28-2011 02:38 PM
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