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Would be grateful for advice
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Would be grateful for advice
Hi all

I plan to have some fun creating a fantasy rpg type game. I am coming from this purely as a single-handed hobbyist and have absolutely no

commercial aspirations. I have extensive programming experience in VB and some in C, having worked professionally in this capacity for a while

(mostly database applications), so am not scared of a bit of coding if needed. However, my main interest lies in designing the storyline, quests

etc. in the game and so would not like to spend weeks coding just to get a model to move around the screen! Also, I have minimal experience of 3D

modelling so would plan to grab other peoples' models from wherever I could and use these (as there is no commercial intent this approach should

be fine). Additionally, if possible, I would like the option in time to move this to a mulitplayer type setup so a few of my friends could have

fun logging in and running around on a server - however, this isn't a prime consideration if aspects of a particular engine not capable of this

put it head and shoulders above the other engines for my needs.

My question is, given the above, which package would best suit my needs? After some research I have identified four that seem to do part or all of

what I want:

1. Realm Crafter
2. Visual3D.Net
3. DX Studio
4. Esenthel

...there may of course be a better option I'v missed.

I would be happy to pay up to about £200 (GBP) for the engine if necessary.

Grateful thanks in advance to anyone who is able to take the time and trouble to offer some advice.

(I plan to post this in the forums for each product)
06-20-2009 07:09 PM
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Re: Would be grateful for advice

In Esenthel you can have characters walking around automatically (you've got tutorials for that)

As for the multiplayer - nope, sorry, it's not done yet smile but will be in the future.

Good luck with your game!
06-21-2009 11:29 AM
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