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Material LOD
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Material LOD
Sorry for bombarding the Feature Requests forum lately.

Something I've noticed that seems to be missing from EE is material LOD. Unless the engine already does this in the background.

This is a pretty common feature in an engine these days for performance optimization. It should be handled automatically by EE in the background by just bypassing or reducing features of a shader based on the camera distance.

For example things like bump mapping could be reduced from relief to paralax to normal to nothing with distance. Also the number of lights used by a shader can be reduced with distance. Things like specular, sub-surface scattering and detail mapping could be turned off at certains distances where the user wouldn't notice.

If EE already does all this, then please forgive me for posting. I just haven't seen this mentioned anywhere so not sure.
11-17-2011 12:43 PM
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RE: Material LOD
it's already supported
Use Levels of Detail (Lod) for Meshes - have at least 2 LOD's for meshes (the first Lod always uses more complex shaders - tesselation, bump mapping, details.., other lods have this disabled, this means that with only 1 Lod you can't benefit from simpler shaders)
11-17-2011 01:21 PM
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