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Gui Objects create method
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Gui Objects create method

I was trying to give the Button struct a little bit Object Oriented style for dynamic event calling of objects inheriting the Button struct when I got to this create(rect,text) method returning a Button. At first I thought "ok, this.create(r,t) will update whatever is inside this Object Button because i'm calling this method using the <this> clause". So in the constructor of my object I called to this.create(rect,text) and in the test I made, the object doesn't appear. However if I add the returned object of the create function then obviously the button appears.

So why do we have to declare a Button to actually call a method that creates another (and real) Button? Why the constructors don't have the same params as the create method and the create methods become static so they call the constructors(that has to actually create the object)?
Am I missing something? :/

Thanks for your time smile
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11-30-2011 06:03 PM
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