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Adjustable Terrain LOD
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fatcoder Offline

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Adjustable Terrain LOD
I know this has been discussed before, specifically in this thread.


I also see this has been added to the roadmap.

"more aggressive heightmap lod for world terrain"

However are we able to get some adjustable/manual settings for the terrain LOD (both in the World Editor and in code for manual worlds).

In my project I'm getting some really noticeable popping as the terrain is changing between LOD's to early for me needs. In addition, the LOD settings for the more distant areas is not aggressive enough. I really need to be able to adjust these settings so that the terrain holds the higher detail LOD for longer and then is more aggressive in the later LOD levels.

I'm sure everyone has different needs depending on their projects, which is why this feature is pretty important.
12-16-2011 02:57 AM
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Demostenes2 Offline

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RE: Adjustable Terrain LOD
Agree, having this under control would really help to optimize performance.
12-16-2011 09:44 AM
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