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Problem with Physical capsule for character
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Problem with Physical capsule for character
Hello there, I've got a small issue with my Physical capsule... Anyways lets start from the beginning so you will understand why and such..

First of all i imported my model, But it was so big, so that i had to resize it, so anyways i resized it. And then i found another problem, only the animation i had when i resized it worked, all of the other animations were make my character stretch because they didn't resize with the character.

So then i gave up on that idea, and thought hey, if i resize it through code. It will load perfect skel and anim and such.. But i do that, and then my Phys capsule doesn't get to a good size at all, since it doesn't load mine i made, it also rezised since i rezise the OBJ in code.. So basically it rezises my phys anim and skel and mesh.. the only problem is that it doesn't load my phys instead it loads Default EE one.. so it gets uber small, and makes me able to go through the terrain and such.. Even if i set my character obj to load phys capsule it doesn't load it, it still loads Default small esenthel Phys..

This ends up with a character working, with animations. but with such a small phys capsule that if you run up on a small hill or anything, you fall through the terrain...

My problem as you see is above. and is there any simple ways i could do this?

side note, if i put my character obj to load my custom made phys capsule as default, it works in World editor but not in the game..

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