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Vengeance Online
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Vengeance Online
Hello everyone, I am Mike. I am new to Esenthel. I am going to be working on an mmorpg called Vengeance online. I will do this showcase thread as a showcase / wip post of the game, I will be sure to keep it updated with plenty of pics. Anyways, since I decided to just take a fresh start, no team, no help, I am looking for two people. A programmer, and a concept artist. I will recruit more as necessary. Besides that, I am currently in the planning stage, and I figured I would make my post now, showing some of my ideas. It is a medieval mmorpg, mixing two of my previous ideas, making it somewhat easier to make then the other two, but still just as fun. I will delete all of my previous videos on my other idea, which also took on the title of Vengeance Online. I stopped working on it because of my foolish attempt and though of having a team, they just were constantly offline. So I figured I would take more of a lone wolf attempt. Anyways, here is the planning sheet so far.

Vengeance Online
Planning sheet:
Humans vs. Elves.
Faction 1 (Elves) -
Name: The Emerald Fog
Type: rangers
Motivation: vengeance Influence:somewhat limited
Reputation: excellent
Age: Relatively old Leadership: group
Size: small
Stability: falling to pieces
Enemies: many
Allies: none Enemies Include: quite a few bandits, many spies, more than a few rival rangers, quite a few priests, The Scarlet Cloak
Resources: somewhat limited
Resources Include: a rather small amount of blackmail material, a decent amount of magic, gold, enchanted armor. Other: recently associated with allegations of bribery, implicated in the recent resignation of an official, racist vs a specific race
Current Leadership
Qualifications: related to current leaders
Bribes: will be greeted with laughter
Cooperation: fairly poor

Group Size: ten leaders
Meetings: closed and secret
Meetings Occur: only when issues arise Lair
Quality: ornate
Location: bad neighborhood
Interior: cheaper than exterior

Guards: laughable
Dungeon: very small
Traps: mostly around doors Joining
Requirement: highly skilled
Initiation: involves an oath

Identifiable By: nothing
Common Trait: highly intelligent

Faction 2 (Humans) –
Name: The Scarlet Cloak
Type: knights
Motivation: fame Influence: very limited
Reputation: very good
Age: Relatively old Leadership: group
Size: medium
Stability: very stable
Enemies: some
Allies: many Enemies Include: most of a guild of nobles, a large number of seers, more than a few merchants, The Emerald Fog
Allies Include: quite a few seers, quite a few bandits, more than a few nobles, a few commoners
Resources: almost unlimited
Resources Include: some important manuscripts, a decent amount of magic, a decent amount of old favors, a rather small amount of trade goods, almost unlimited treasure, a large amount of enchanted items, some blackmail material, Other: recently associated with allegations of bribery, recently denounced by a former member, suspected in the disappearance of a well-known person
Current Leadership
Qualifications: promoted because of power
Bribes: will be greeted with violence
Cooperation: mostly good

Group Size: four leaders
Meetings: open to everyone who can find them
Meetings Occur: only when issues arise Lair
Quality: austere
Location: dark forest
Interior: well-furnished

Guards: very bored
Dungeon: none
Traps: mostly around the entrance Joining
Requirement: highly skilled
Initiation: none

Identifiable By: symbol on jewelry
Common Trait: highly professional

Story: Elves Perspective
Denarius: Our lands… Our homes! Destroyed, burned, pillaged… All because of those damned humans, and their filthy leaders! They came with swords, weapons of war, and no warning, destroying too many of our homes, and our families. We must act! Anarion: But Denarius, our armies are too few, we must not rush into something we cannot take back. We cannot continue dying and giving our land up either! Centran: Enough! We will take vengeance. Let all the cities and villages no, we got to war against the humans, and the high King William. Let the so called “Scarlet Cloak” know, that we come with the iron fist of the forest, and we will NOT give up so easily!
Humans Perspective – High Kings Assistant Josh: Elves have ruled these lands to long my lord, I have sent word to all of our cities to attack, and conquer their lands, for the good of the empire. High King William: Good, its time we rise, and rule over these lands, let us tell these elves that WE are the powerful ones, and WE, will no longer accept their rule! Tell my men, we attack Dentrarii at dawn. As of now, have your men continue their work, and be sure to kill, and burn every damned person they see. Its our time now!
Main Storyline – For years humans and elves lived in peace. Many kingdoms rose and fell, but there were always the major kingdoms, or empires that took lead of most. Those kingdoms went by the names of “The Emerald Fog”, ruled by High King Centran of the elves, and “The Scarlet Cloak” led by High King William of the humans. The humans spent their lives searching for fame and glory, whereas the elves lived their lives peacefully within their forests. But now, the humans of The Scarlet Cloak decided they wanted more, and are burning and capturing too much of the elven land, and so war was declared. Now the world is left in chaos, and too many people are left in the middle of it. One by one heroes started rising, fighting for the country they think is right. Who will you fight for?

Controls: Movement – w.a.s.d, arrow keys, rmb + lmb.
Spells – Spell bar, num keys.
Help – H
Quests – K
Inventory – B
Spell Book – L
Talent Tree – P
In-Game Menu – ESC


Spell Book
Talent Tree
In-Game Menu
Spell bar
Side Bar
Mini Map
Health + Mana(caster classes) + Energy(thief / rogue / archer classes) + fatigue(barbarian / warrior classes) bar

Features: Spells, Character creation, quests, dungeons, professions, land and flying mounts, group or solo leveling, raids, RVR instead of Pvp so its keep warfare.

I will edit this post and update it as more comes along, however the next post by me will be of pictures. Thanks, and I hope you like the idea, and if their are mistakes, feel free to point it out, or any other ideas. grin
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03-04-2012 03:47 PM
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RE: Vengeance Online
I don't want to shoot down your dream or anything. But...

Building a MMORPG by yourself or with one other programmer alone is nearly impossible. Sure you could start it and get the ball rolling but eventually you will need much more help.

I'm also a bit confused about what your roll in this project is besides the main idea guy/designer? Because if that's all it is, you need to either pick up programming or art.
Nobody is going to make your game for you. Unless you intend to pay them along the way. And no I am not talking about royalties once the game is released.

At the very least you have to lead by example, not delegation. And you will still be doing most of the work.

With regards to your documentation... it is extremely vague. You need to try and be as specific as possible. Now, I understand that these are just ideas, but I still would try and take them further. Use your documentation to help flesh out the actual game and help foresee potential problems/ideas. It is your actual game on paper, use it as a guide for the project, and keep on updating it/tweaking it.

Before you actually start on anything I would try and get most of the game design document finished. (It will help cut out many problems in the future)
03-05-2012 05:24 AM
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RE: Vengeance Online
I know that the project will require many more people, but as you said, I want to get the ball rolling before we get those people. Also, I am a 3d modeler, and I make textures in gimp. I also am the main idea guy / designer as you said. As for the documentation, that is going to get better as we go along. Again though, I won't actually start building anything until the design plan is good enough to start. Thanks for the response grin
03-05-2012 09:47 PM
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RE: Vengeance Online
Alright. Got an update. I did not buy Esenthel yet, as I feel it is not needed at the moment. I started the outline of the terrain. I also made the map, [Image: 8b6de057fd45ff5ab77a597e9a44c61f.png?1331329770] now its not final copy to go in-game. However the outline of it is final copy. I based the terrains outline off of Savarya if you were wondering.

I plan on starting to fill this map with models and trees, and just basically add life to it as soon as possible, which means no more full time planning, and its time to get to work, which also means I have to recruit. If anyone here wants to help out, just post it on here.
03-09-2012 10:53 PM
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RE: Vengeance Online
Alright then, after some continued messing around with the terrain in Esenthel, I realized it begins to lag a LOT. I know its probably because of my huge map, but I would assume since you can make unlimited worlds it could handle it. If anyone knows any sort of fix please tell me, other then that I may have to scale this down a bit and find another engine, lets say torque or realmcrafter, both of which I already own.
03-11-2012 04:01 PM
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RE: Vengeance Online
How big is your view range?
03-11-2012 09:55 PM
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RE: Vengeance Online
As Tottel already mentioned, the lagging is due to the viewrange most likely (which can be changed with the [ and ] keys). I pressume you want to see the entire map at once, and not in parts.

Unlimited size doesn't mean unlimited viewrange. Along your line of reasoning, streaming unlimited objects all at once should thus be possible. Your video card should thus have an unlimited power to do that.

SnowCloud Entertainment - We are recruiting!
03-12-2012 02:15 PM
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RE: Vengeance Online
On top of what has already been mentioned by Tottel and Dwight, you could take it in sections and put it in 3 separate maps, since you have 3 continents.
03-12-2012 09:29 PM
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RE: Vengeance Online
I know of the view range, and I would be able to deal with that if you could move with right clicking and holding then wasd.
03-15-2012 08:39 PM
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RE: Vengeance Online
What does movement controls have to do with your performance question?
03-16-2012 06:53 AM
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