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Direct Input Help
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Direct Input Help
This is probably a pretty dumb question, but how exactly do you use the JoypadClass in the Joypad header to find what the actual analog values are on the joystick? For example there is a class called DirectInputSource under the JoypadClass which has the positions, rotation, and slider defined, but how can I use these values in a function? I assume I have to define an object of some kind but I'm not really sure how.

By the way, OOP is fairly new to me, so I have a feeling I'm missing something very fundamental. I'm also curious how exactly this header relates back to DirectInput in the first place. Anyways I apologize for the noobery and appreciate any help.
07-03-2012 10:42 AM
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RE: Direct Input Help
why not use dir_a and dir_an members?
also there is a C++ tutorial on joypad values
07-04-2012 12:20 PM
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