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I'm missing something regarding Visual Studio/Esenthel interaction
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I'm missing something regarding Visual Studio/Esenthel interaction
I'm new to Esenthel and have been trying to get a feel for how to configure everything correctly. I've been able to figure out most of the basic stuff fairly easily but I seem to be having a disconnect as to how certain things work in regard to Visual Studio.

I am able to get a Visual Studio solution going and am able to take the Esenthel starter code and load up my world files and build and run everything from Visual Studio just fine. I was even able to take some of the tutorial scripts for day/night cycle and such and work that in and get all that running as a simple test.

But what I'm missing here is I'm not sure how to keep changes in synch when I'm editing code in Visual Studio and editing the world in the Esenthel editor.

For example, as I described above, I added the code for a simple day/night cycle and I'm able to run that just fine from Visual Studio. But when I go back to Esenthel and run the world from there, I don't see these additional changes taking effect. Do I need to have Visual Studio publish the build somewhere in particular in order to get the Esenthel editor to pick up on these changes?

On the other side of that coin, when I add new objects to my world in the Esenthel editor or make any other major world changes, am I going to have to manually add code in Visual Studio to make sure those new objects are recognized when writing and running code to perform functionality with those objects?

I guess what is boils down to, is I'm not sure the best way to keep things in synch between Visual Studio C++ code and the Esenthel editor. Am I perhaps just misinterpreting how this is suppose to work?

Although I'm fairly experienced with business apps development, game programming is a new world to me and so I apologize in advance if I'm operating on some ignorant assumptions here and I appreciate any help anyone can offer to help me figure this out.
08-19-2012 06:50 PM
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