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Rename of bones
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Rename of bones
Sorry if stupid question, only been using Esenthel for a day.
I am trying to use models in the fbx format. If I use the tutorial code
the animations work fine.
But when I try to get them into the RPG src game, I have some problems related to the bone names I think.
I have tried to set the bone points needed, and now my models loads,
even as a pc smile ( Kneedeep in the ground, and stuck , but still)
But I saw the suggestion to try use the same bonenaming as Esenthel so that I can use the default anims too, so I tried the Converter, the Rename tab and also found the Bone Piped Rename program.
But I can't get them to even respond. I drag a 0.skel file to the dialog, (in the Converter app) but nothing happens.
(And the world editor and other stuff works fine from the same dir)
Or would it be better to manually rename the bones from the editor, and
then try to always use that skeleton for my other models?( they all use the same bone names).

I could just try to use my own anims, but wouldn't like to lose the included anims.

Have the trial of Studio Max running, but have no experience there, and
is only on for 29 days now.

Best Regards
08-23-2012 08:38 AM
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