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Atmospheric Scattering (simular to this)
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Atmospheric Scattering (simular to this)
Dear Esenthel,
i would love to see this feature in the Esenthel 2.0 game engine.
the Atmospheric Scattering in this game engine as good as it gets.

Dont worry though, I am not switching game engines. I tried this engine and yours is way better. for those of you reading this. this game engine is pure crap. but the atmosphric scattering is amazing, and is suprisingly done right, like it would be in a very expensive game engine.

what it does is, the color of the sky will slightly change the color of all of the objects in the game so that it looks more realistic.

Please make this in the game engine. In my opinion, if you added a few more things to your game engine, your game engine could easily go up in price and get a larger fan base at the same time. I also believe if you added this to your game engine, along with a default day and night cycle that anybody can use through the editor and not in some lines of code, you would land more license contracts with big name game companies.
10-11-2012 02:09 AM
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