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GUI questions/requests
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GUI questions/requests
I have a few questions regarding the GUI system.

1) Is there a way (engine function) that returns the GuiObj* (i.e. TextLine) that currently has the editing/keyboard focus? If not, would you consider adding it?
2) I read that functions (func()) on a TextLine are only triggered when the text has changed. Could we also get a callback for certain events such as "focus removed by clicking on another textline", "pressing enter" etc.?
3) Would you consider adding an application wide callback for input? Keys pressed down, released? Having to test for each key every frame is not really helping write good code. Example: OnKeyDown, OnKeyUp.

Please consider implementing these very simple (but very useful and important) features.
08-15-2013 11:07 PM
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Esenthel Offline

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RE: GUI questions/requests
1) Gui.kb()
2) I think you can catch this by overriding GuiObj:
virtual GuiObj& activate ( ); // activate object (show & set focus), this does not activate any hidden parents of the object
virtual GuiObj& deactivate ( ); // deactivate object ( remove focus)
3) no sorry, but you can do it by yourself
08-16-2013 03:29 AM
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