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Load BSP worlds
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Load BSP worlds
Is there any way to fully load a map of Quake 3 (BSP) in Esenthel? I try to convert the file in another 3d format without result, I only found the BSP-VRML convertion tool (Esenthel can load WRML files, i know) but the maps converted with in the tool has errors (texture or shaders errors) and when i try to import VRML or BSP models (uncommon formats) in a 3D modelling tools. i lost textures, shaders or both.
I try to use Quake BSP wordl editor (like hammer editor) without result
In Irrlitch engine (my previous engine) i can load fully BSP structure with shaders and textures directly, why in Esenthel I can not?

Sorry for my bad english, i speak spanish (create Esenthel spanish forum, please)

Thanks smile.
10-02-2013 11:13 PM
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RE: Load BSP worlds

Sorry that there's no BSP import support, Irrlicht is open source, so I guess you could try to use its BSP importer source to use it in Esenthel, or perhaps inside irrlicht after importing the bsp file, export it to some other format, like wavefront OBJ.
10-03-2013 12:16 AM
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