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Absolute beginner...
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marla Offline

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RE: Absolute beginner...
...ok, thank you very much!

Great forum!!!

Poah, very hard for me to get into it, but will not give up... grin
04-01-2014 03:44 PM
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marla Offline

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RE: Absolute beginner...

does a thread that is "solved" need to be closed?

Thanks again to you all for your help.

The tutorial "Programming" helped me a lot.

One last question, please.

I do not want to a discussion on which engine is the best etc.

I am working with Esenthel just a few hours and really like it very much.

Besides Esentel I am evaluatiing another engine, the name does not matter.

This engine has many wizards and dialogs and predefined scripts etc. which makes it very easy to get into it.

There are so many options that it can be confusing...

But, if I understand the concepts and have gone thru the tutorials - do you think it is really "easy" to use Esenthel?

You know, I am not a hardcore C++ developer...

Ok, maybe hard to say...

I will keep on working with Esenthel...


04-01-2014 06:33 PM
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Rubeus Offline

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RE: Absolute beginner...
To use Esenthel, you do need to have a pretty good understanding of C++. The great thing about this engine is that it DOESN'T rely on all the predefined scripts and such- it gives you more freedom to make the game you want to make rather than start with what they give you and figure out how to break it to suit your needs. There are enough tools for art assets and such that it makes importing easy, though.

And no, the threads do not need to be closed. There is nothing wrong with resurrecting a 2 year old post for clarification.
04-01-2014 10:16 PM
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AndrewBGS Offline

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RE: Absolute beginner...
I wouldn't say knowing C++ good is so important... I'm no pro, but besides the occasional silly question on the forums, I seem to get along rather fine.

The tutorials are a great help with that, I find it very easy to implement my functionalities based on a working example. Just wish there were more grin

It may not be as easy to use as other engines, but that's just because you get a much more "personal" game, not with the same scripts as in other hundreds. I kinda like it like this, but this is already my personal opinion.
04-02-2014 07:06 AM
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nintynice Offline

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RE: Absolute beginner...
well i tested out esenthel, unreal 3, unreal 4, cry 3, unity 3.somewhat and 4.somewhat and I think that for a hobby developer or a starting developer it doesn`t really matter which engine you use. (please note that i have basic knowledge of c++, lua, and w.e.)

Of course if the engine is used by thousands of users there are more tutorials, more assets, examples, etc.
And of course each engine has it's pro and cons but in my view it doesn't matter either.
Why? Because if you use a tool - no matter how hard it is to use - you will soon master it.
I think that Esenthel is a balanced all in one tool. Some points are missing but if I look at the roadmap it is not that bad as other engines. On the other point if you take the cry engine 3 the world builder is freaking amazing but programming and linking everything together (char anim, char stats, lua scripts, etc.) is harder than in Esenthel where you one space with every thing in it.

And to be honest - an engine like esenthel may be harder to use, harder to learn but whenever you try something new each engine will give errors, obstacles to get over or rather program around it so it is a matter of taste.

And the prejudice "graphics matter, everything else doesn't" should not determine the choice of the engine. The worlds created with Esenthel are as good as worlds created with other engines. Get some custom shaders and you have a really nice game. Of course you cannot compete with the full potential but which "hobby" game reaches the full potential.

In my point of view Esenthel is a good one. I'm planning to buy it eventually (64 objects message is annoying xD) after I get the custom character anims done.
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04-02-2014 12:12 PM
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