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Esenthel MMO (Source Code)/NEW WORLD
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Esenthel MMO (Source Code)/NEW WORLD
Im attempting to load a new world in the Esenthel MMO (Source Code)..
I am receiving errors after a successful compile.

When I attempt to use the character on the default world into the new world, I get a pop up box with a error fail to load world, and jibberish for the file name.
So, I delete the Character, and attempt to make a new one, and I receive a pop up error no points in starting waypoint.

Also even tho I changed the world UID to the new world the game seemed to want to load the default one, so I deleted that one to see if it would update, and it did not..

I also edited the minmap properties and pointed it to the new map, and clicked create after dragging it into the map file in the list pane.

These are My code edits:
Shared/Net Chr
// setup character world and position
Net .World *world =Net.Worlds(UID(3629596293, 1158659284, 2298720666, 3489874893)); // starting world
Game.Waypoint *waypoint=world.getWaypoint(UID(3629596293, 1158659284, 2298720666, 3489874893)); if(!waypoint.points.elms())Exit("no points in starting waypoint");
setWorld(world, waypoint.points[0].pos+Vec(0, 0.5*scale, 0)); // set world and position


bool InitGame()
if(!ChrData.world())return false; // empty world

.setObjType (Players, OBJ_PLAYER)
.New (ChrData.world().id());
Game.World.mini_map=UID(2989166906, 1085067666, 717758623, 4098685289);

I cant find any other references to load world UID in any of the other scripts..
Am I overlooking something?
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12-16-2014 02:23 PM
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