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October 2016
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October 2016
Updated Esenthel Source:
-IMPORTANT: to compile for Android you need to update to latest Android SDK/NDK, uninstall Java JDK 6/7, install JDK 8, and in Editor Options update your path to that JDK
-added support for latest Android SDK/NDK
-updated Ant to latest version
-updated Google Play Services Libs to latest version
-updated Zstd to latest version (1.1.0)
-updated WebP to latest version (0.5.1)
-Gui.desktop,window,menu are of Desktop Window Menu type, instead of GuiObj
-'Compress/Decompress' functions allow using a custom callback, which for example can be used for hash calculation of uncompressed data
-integrated new hashes MetroHash and SpookyHash allowing to calculate 32/64/128-bit hashes
-added 'CompressRaw/DecompressRaw' functions allowing to (de)compress data without storing any headers
-added new method 'Frustum.getIntersectingAreas' used internally by Game.WorldManager
-improved performance and precision of detecting which world areas are visible
-Sound and Music can now set a custom data callback for custom DSP effects or for calculating spectrometer
-implemented audio Spectrometer class (which calculates intensities of different frequencies at the moment, like high treble and low bass)
-added modulo % operators for VecI2,VecI,VecI4 vectors
-replaced old Cipher1 with new Cipher1,Cipher2,Cipher3 ciphers which offer much greater security than the old version
-Connection class now uses the new Cipher1 by default (which means that you can't connect to old programs using the old cipher, please recompile your programs using latest engine version)
-updated Uploader and File Browser tools to make use of new Ciphers
-improved performance of accessing shader techniques by removing one SyncLock
-Heightmap.build now supports building only software mesh instead of hardware mesh (thanks to a new optional flag HM_SOFT), which can be faster because doesn't require display device lock
-slightly improved performance of converting software meshes to hardware meshes of heightmap type
-'Threads' class can now specify a custom priority (just like 'Thread')
-improved MeshGroup<->Mesh conversions to preserve LOD's

-forced 16-byte alignment for AES class which prevents crashes if it wasn't correctly aligned
-fixed Gui List.visibleElmsOnScreen returning all elements when the list is mostly occluded

API Changes:
-Heightmap.build now accepts a single UInt flag parameter instead of few bool parameters
-D.setGetShaderFunc -> D.get_shader
-Thread.priority is now in range -3..3 (instead of old -2..2)
-Material Texture Mip Map blurring has been removed
-Cipher1 class has been completely rewritten and now uses a 256 byte encryption key instead of 32 byte
10-13-2016 06:53 AM
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