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Particles spawning
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Harry Offline

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Particles spawning

I'm working on a particles that simulates water drops on the surface. I created particle object which is then rendered at different position near player each frame. Optimal particles life gives nice effect however it has fixed density.

I came out with a couple ideas how to increase the density of particles in the same area like copy of particles object rendered at the same time but I'm afraid about the performance of this solution. Another idea was to play with particles life (decrease) and speed (increase) but the drops disappear too fast.

Do you have any better ideas? Does Esenthel have any feature which could help me?
01-28-2020 10:07 PM
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RedcrowProd Offline
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RE: Particles spawning
Heya not too sure what is the exact issue here or what you are trying to accomplish but i had play a while back with raw particle
Maybe take a look and see if that helps you
01-28-2020 11:54 PM
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