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January 2021
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January 2021
Updated Esenthel Source:
-updated PhysX SDK to latest version (4.1)
-UWP platform now supports PhysX
-Source Edition on GitHub now includes PhysX bundled together with the engine
-PhysX is now the default physics engine option in Esenthel Builder
-Code Editor Options\Certificates tab now includes section to enter your Apple Team ID for easier project configuration/compilation
-added support for latest Xcode
-dropped support for 32-bit Android, only 64-bit is supported
-added getting/setting object skeleton slots to Editor Network Interface
-added new 2x2 'Matrix2', and 3x2 'Matrix2P' classes
-added Image.rotate, rotateScale methods
-added 'D.imageMipBias' allowing to control mip map bias (sharpness) for regular 2D images (now it's on by default sharpening images a little compared to 0 from previous release)
-added more options for bone rotation in Object Bones Editor

-fixed and improved 'MeshBase.createConvex' (which is responsible for creating physical body convex meshes), the algorithm is now much better, sometimes the old version failed to create a valid convex mesh
-small fixes to Code Editor find text matching function

API Changes:
-removed "Bool replace" from skeleton animate functions (if you need it you can call "skel.clear(blend)" instead, before the 'animate' call)
-replaced 'D.fontSharpness(x)' with 'D.fontMipBias(-x)'
01-30-2021 11:17 AM
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