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[SOLVED] Casting -> void is not a class error...
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[SOLVED] Casting -> void is not a class error...
So I have some problems with casting...

When casting
I always get a "**void is not a class**" error.

PickUp* pu = dynamic_cast<PickUp*>(actor.obj); // <-- ERROR!!

Interesting is that I found some older projects from other
people that used casting in a slightly different way, but for the same purpose.
So it likely worked at some time. But when building these now,
the same error pops up.

Like in this example:

if (Physics.ray(pos, dir * 10, &selector))
            if (magicLamp * lamp = CAST(magicLamp, selector.obj)) // <--- ERROR!
               lamp.selected = true;

Same error. Any idea what changed/went wrong?
As this looks to me like the very standart/typical way of downcasting, I have no idea
why this doesn't work as intended.

Same here, from Tottels TowerDefense Demo:
if(Physics.ray(start, end-start, &phys_hit, IndexToFlag(AG_TURRET))) // if ray hit the terrain
            // Player left-clicked on the turret
            if(Turret* turret = CAST(Turret, phys_hit.obj)) // <-- ERROR!!
               ResetAllMaterials(); // First, set all turrets unselected  


and in quite a few more as well.. Kinda odd...

So reinterpret_cast does work...
Well, ok then...
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08-23-2021 01:46 AM
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