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July 2010
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July 2010
-IMPORTANT: Vec, Matrix and other mathematical objects are now passed as "const type &x" (instead of old "type &x") to comply with GCC compiler for upcoming Mac/iPhone/iPad ports (please revise your codes, especially custom game object classes and their virtual method overriding to match parameter declarations as in base class methods)
-IMPORTANT: changed the order of parameters in Image::noise,normalize methods (from "a,r,g,b" to "r,g,b,a")
-updated Ragdoll binary file format (old save games will not work)
-moved the QuakeFx source codes outside from the engine to a new tutorial "camera/camera quake"
-added initializing constructors Memc::Memc(Memc &src), Memb::Memb(Memb &src)
-new member App.quit
-new method Game::World.updateBreak
-updated BackgroundLoader class from "game basics/loading screen" tutorial, to work properly when Alt+F4 is pressed during data loading (added BackgroundLoader::del method, which should be called in state Shut method)
-improved Collada DAE importer to better handle non-orthogonal matrixes
-improved comments on some method inside c++ headers
-fixed setting alpha channel for imported particle images in Mesh Editor for rgb images with no alpha
-fixed issue when mouse movement could have affect time deltas calculation
-fixed potential crash when importing into Mesh Editor a mesh with no skeleton after having loaded a skeleton with bone selected
-fixed missing PathSys function
-fixed error in Icon Maker tool
-fixed displaying particles which have animated images
07-07-2010 10:32 PM
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