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September 2010
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September 2010
Released for Windows, Mac and Mobile:
-IMPORTANT: Added Support For iPhone / iPad / iPod Platforms! Download is available to all licensed developers in the Clients Section on the Forum.
-IMPORTANT: updated savegame file format, previous savegame files may not work (savegames now use chunks for game objects, which benefits in: if 1 object in an area fails to load, the remaining can still be loaded)
-IMPORTANT: new material techniques : MTECH_BLEND_LIGHT, MTECH_BLEND_LIGHT_GRASS, MTECH_BLEND_LIGHT_LEAF recommended for grass and leafs
-IMPORTANT: because of new material techniques Mesh::drawBlend and drawBlendSolid has been merged together as drawBlend(Vec4 color)
-IMPORTANT: old ClothMesh .clms files are now obsolete, please re-export ClothMeshes in Mesh Editor to new .clothmesh format (ClothMesh now saves Material information automatically)
-IMPORTANT: new virtual methods Edit::Area::Data::customCreateFromQuarter and customCreateFromQuad which must be used for custom class based on Edit::Area::Data and if world area size is required to be changed through world editor menu options
-new World Editor options "Main\World Settings\Increase,Decrease Area Size" recommended for decreasing area size for iPhone games
-Renderer.precise_sort_blend_objects is now enabled by default
-new application flag APP_AUTO_FREE_PHYS_BODY_HELPER_DATA and PhysBody method freeHelperData
-Game::Obj classes now use version byte when saving their state to file (please check updated "save/load" methods for more info)
-updated "game basics/behind effect" tutorial to use frustum culling
-updated mini map creation by adding "Int Border" in the codes, which now produces more smooth bloom/glow/water specular transitions at mini map image borders
-added new buttons to the material editor "power of 2"-which automatically resizes textures to power of 2 size, "make bump"-which automatically generates a bump map basing on the color map
-new members Renderer.simplePrecision to be used on OpenGL ES
-new methods Renderer.simpleVertexFog* to be used on OpenGL ES
-new member Water.reflectionRenderer (now by default set to RT_SIMPLE instead of previous RT_DEFERRED)
-Renderer.type is now by default set to RT_SIMPLE for OpenGL ES
-OpenGL ES can now also load DXT3/DXT5 textures (by converting them to B8R8G8A8 when loaded)
-RT_SIMPLE and RT_FORWARD now may support following effects if the depth texture is available: sun rays, edge detect, underwater effect
-added support for IMAGE_PVRTC2 and IMAGE_PVRTC4 formats (they are only supported on OpenGL ES - iPhone/iPad, on Windows and Mac you can load/save those image types if you copy "SUPPORT_PVRTC" macro to InitPre, this will however require "PVRTexLib.dll" present in your exe location, this is currently only available to Windows 32-bit, if you don't use the macro you don't need to have the DLL, please note that you will not benefit in any performance or memory usage under Win/Mac, the formats are meant to be used only for OpenGL ES), the SUPPORT_PVRTC macro is now used in tools (Mesh Editor, World Editor, Converter)
-converter will now display a short description of image formats if mouse is stopped on list element in "image" mode
-updated "mobile" and "image" documentation to include information about IMAGE_PVRTC formats
-Converter tool has new functionality - ability to convert/reduce quality/optimize data for OpenGL ES used on mobile devices
-small fix in importing *.a.* alpha textures to material editor
-new member Bool Game::World.use_background_loading which can be used to disable background loading (default=true, false on OpenGL ES mobile devices)
-Physics.precision for OpenGL ES has default value of 40
-new method Physics.simulationTime which can be used to get information about how much CPU time did it take to perform last simulation
-new method Game::World.objUpdateTime which can be used to get amount of CPU time which was needed to update all objects during last world update
-new methods Time.stateUpdateTime,stateDrawTime
-PhysBody::adjustStorage can now also generate pre-processed data especially for bullet, also World Editor heightmap phys body storage can now be set differently
-fixed World Editor "heightmap\resize" to automatically unload processed areas from memory
-new method Gui.objAtPos
-new macros WINDOWS,MAC,MOBILE automatically defined for correct platform
-Image::drawFit can now support mirrored rectangles (where min>max, this will mirror the image in selected dimension)
-updated documentation for mobile platforms
-Ragdoll bone actors have now default sleep energy of 0.1
-new member Clouds.layered.merge_with_sky, default=false (true for OpenGL ES)
-new member D.grassDensity, default=1 (0.5 for OpenGL ES)
-added loading screen to Esenthel RPG2 demo
-updated Esenthel RPG2 sources to support iphone/ipad/ipod
-new method Game::World.updated which returns if current world has been updated at least once since it was loaded, you can use this method to startup loading screen
-Renderer.setFade has now additional parameter 'Bool previous_frame=false' which can use previous frame for fading
-new member Gui.simple_shadows
-improved object heightmap normal aligning when painting objects from object list
-grass box objects in world editor aren't now highlighted if grass range is set to zero
-fixed issue of incorrect skinning for meshes with more than 60 bones for DX10+
09-09-2010 03:04 AM
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RE: September 2010
Released for Windows, Mac and Mobile:
-fixed gui linker error
09-09-2010 12:14 PM
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RE: September 2010
Released for Windows, Mac and Mobile:
-big rendering performance improvement thanks to new Water.max_1_light (which is now enabled by default)
-big rendering performance improvements for Mobile devices
-improved water quality for RT_SIMPLE and RT_FORWARD
-water reflections can now work in all renderers
-updated mac and mobile sdk's to latest xcode 2.3.4
-ripple effect is now disabled for OpenGL ES (because it's too slow, and is replaced with standard drawing)
-reduced video memory usage for shadow maps on OpenGL renderer
-default texture filtering for OpenGL ES is now 2
-small improvements to Converter mobile mode (material detail and macro textures are deleted, and meshes can be additionally optimized by removing vertex tangents and binormals)
-new methods TextLine::cursor
-added support for generating billboards for MTECH_BLEND_LIGHT based meshes
-added missing adjusting of ragdoll.kinematic in Game::Chr::enable,disable
-fixed setting water clip planes for reflection renderers simple and forward
-fixed small issue when increasing world heightmap height the first frame actually decreased it instead
09-18-2010 12:03 AM
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RE: September 2010
Released for Windows:
-new methods Kb.immCursor, Kb.immCandidate
-new member Gui.imm_draw which can be used to setup custom function for drawing the imm data
-new member Gui.tds_imm used for drawing the IMM buffer
-Kb.imm is now automatically adjusted by the engine
-GuiObj::activate,deactive methods are now virtual
09-20-2010 08:19 PM
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RE: September 2010
Released for Windows and Mac:
-IMPORTANT: under Xcode Mac release project settings "-framework CG" should be removed from linker settings so that games will not require installed Nvidia CG Toolkit
-fixed data load failure when pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del when using BackgroundLoder
-increased font drawing quality thanks to new method D.fontSharpness (with default value of 0.75, previous EE SDK equivalent would be 0.0)
-added workaround for windows xp imm32.dll crash when using chinese abc imm input
09-28-2010 06:36 PM
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