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Support Guide
Hello and welcome to Esenthel Forums smile Here are some support guidelines:
  • Please don't PM (Private Message) or e-mail me about asking for support
  • For requesting support please use the Support Forum, so other forum members can participate in helping, provide feedback/suggestions and benefit from reading the answers
  • If possible make the post in its correct category "Graphics", "Tools", etc.
  • If your question is related to sources obtained from Esenthel Store, then please use this Category

On this forum you will receive support from me and from members of community.

I provide support for:
  • Resolving any bugs in the engine or incorrectly working functionality (for example engine or tools crashes, your project does not compile/work after updating to latest sdk version)

I do not provide support for:
  • Teaching Programming
  • Explaining how to use the engine and its functionality (please read documentation, investigate tutorials, count on other community members to help, experiment on your own)
I do however help with basic things, but only in my free time if I'm not busy working on anything else.

Having an active Donation Subscription or Sponsorship will greatly increase the chances of getting a reply.

If you do need dedicated support, I offer it as a paid service, please get in touch to discuss this.
03-21-2011 08:27 PM
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