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Grass dissapearing / how to set grass objects orientation?
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RE: Grass dissapearing / how to set grass objects orientation?
Alright! That fixed it!

I created a new 8192x8192 World, added Player character and Grass, hit play.... and it worked! This time even in the Visual Studio Project build.

What I GUESS was the problem, I entered to high values for the heightmap, a Radius of 128x128 instead of 64x64.... I had to increase the area size cause the editor somehow wouldn't allow more than 64x64 Areas.... now I imported the heightmap with the correct values of 64x64 Areas, and that seemed to work alright.
I don't know if this was creating the Problem, or is completly unrelated. But at least it fixed the problem for me.

Many thanks to all you guys who were so helpful. I really appreciate the community of the Esenthel Engine... this is maybe even a bigger Bonus for this engine than its graphical power!

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