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Esenthel with PolyVox
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Esenthel with PolyVox
First of all, im new to Esenthel and quite new to c++.
My goal is to create a game with a voxelated world, because gameplay should be about manipulating voxels, so i decided to use PolyVox librarys for a quite easy implementation of voxels and to generate a mesh out of voxels.
Now after some hours of getting the libarys into the vs2010 solution file im quite confused what to do next. PolyVox has given me 2 arrays, one of vertices and one of indices that should contain the mesh, but i dont know how to make a mesh out of them to use it in Esenthel.
I hope someone here could help me, its really hard for me to understand the mesh working principles of Esenthel to generate meshes at runtime made out of computed data provided by PolyVox.

I don't know if it helps but i can upload a piece of code of an example of PolyVox that covers implementation of opengl vertex buffer filling to generate a mesh.

Thanks in advance,
04-22-2011 03:17 PM
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