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Custom area data and pointers to objects
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Custom area data and pointers to objects
I'm trying to dynamically populate an area with trees, that I could eventually modify in future (scale, mesh etc.).
I'm setting my custom area data with:
struct CustomWorldAreaData: public Game::Area::Data
    CustomWorldAreaData(Game::Area &area) :
    Memx<Game::Obj*> trees;

    virtual Bool customSaveWant()
        return true;

The trees container is for the pointers to the trees objects. Trees objects are in a:
Game::ObjMemx<Game::Static> Trees;

Then I set and populate the area with:
Game::World.setObjType(Trees, OBJ_TREE);
Game::World.setAreaData<CustomWorldArea> ();

Game::World.areaLoaded(VecI2(x, z))->getData();

CustomWorldAreaData * AreaData = CASTCustomWorldAreaData, Game::World.areaLoaded(VecI2(x, z))->data());

for (int u=0; u<100; u++)
    double xx = RandomF(0, 128);
    double zz = RandomF(0, 128);

    Game::ObjParamsPtr tree = Game::Objs.ptrRequire("Data/Obj/plant/Tree/0.obj");
    Matrix m(tree->scale(), Vec(x,y,z));
    m.rotateYVec(Random(0, 360));
    Game::Obj* treeObj = Game::World.objCreateNear(*tree, m);      

    Game::Obj * treePtr = AreaData->trees.New();
    treePtr = treeObj;

After these operations, when I do:

I get the correct number of trees.
However, when I try to reference to the stored pointers:
    Game::Static * tr = CAST(Game::Static, AreaData->trees[i]);

The application crashes?
My questions are:
- what could cause the crash, if the container were non-empty?
- how to delete a certain object (tree), having only such pointer stored in container? [removeData?]
10-29-2011 01:28 PM
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