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GUI Source Code
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GUI Source Code
Hey Esenthel, a while ago I brought up the issue of not being able to replace an internal Gui object within a control. For example, Region has an internal SlideBar, which cannot be replaced with a custom version of the SlideBar. There are many controls that use other internal controls like this. This creates a problem with trying to skin the GUI. It ultimatly leads to having to build a custom version of just about every control, which kind of defeats the purpose. If we had access to the source for the GUI objects, then we could just change the internal objects and make other tweaks while still keeping the same functionality.

I'm wondering if you'd consider releasing the source code to the GUI objects in the store for purchase?
08-04-2012 02:22 AM
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RE: GUI Source Code
I second this request.
08-04-2012 04:34 AM
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