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Bought MMO Source Code
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RE: Bought MMO Source Code
hi.. zasfarr..

I already post in anoather tread ... so I just copy and paste my step to build mmo source code

first ... make sure you already instal VS C++ and MS SQL Server
I am using VS C++ Express edition and MS SQL Server Express Edition
( becouse free >_< )
2. unzip Esenthel MMO.rar and Esental MMO data.7z in the same folder
3.copy engine.sdk from esenthel engine sdk/data directory to esenthel MMO\Data
4. copy all file from EsenthelEngineSDK\Installation\PhysX to esenthel MMO\bin
5.copy folder essenthelengine from \EsenthelEngineSDK\Installation to esenthel MMO\instalation
6. copy EsenthelEngine.lib from \EsenthelEngineSDK\Installation to esenthel MMO\Projects\Server and esenthel MMO\Projects\Client
7. open "Esenthel MMO VS 2010" in esenthel MMO directory ( just double click and VS C++ will open)
8. in left side at below (solution explorer) right click Client and select rebuild
9. after that right click server and select rebuild
10. check on your esenthel MMO directory, in there will appear client.exe and server.exe

I think your problem is in step 5.. becouse esenthelengine.h must copy from your sdk folder to your MMO folder
01-07-2013 09:38 AM
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