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Using the tutorials
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Using the tutorials
I noticed when I first started EE I had a tutorials folder which I open and it gives me a whole bunch of folders with explainations of the code... am I missing the world testing tutorials or whatever be the case, it doesnt seem like I can do anything with the tutorial folders.

Can someone explain

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05-21-2013 01:25 PM
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RE: Using the tutorials
Tick the application tick box for the tut you want to run.
Click the > triangle button at the bottom and it will build and run that application.
Enjoy smile

to edit obj/world etc, just double click it.
You need to read the wiki, print the wiki and read the wiki some more smile
Then when you know the wiki or most of it, look at the code.
Again read the code, print the code and learn the code..

Read how I'm doing it here: http://www.esenthel.com/community/showth...p?tid=6043

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05-21-2013 01:40 PM
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