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EE 2.0 project forks?
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EE 2.0 project forks?
Wasnt sure where to place this, however my question is the following;

If i wanted to fork multiple versions from (example) my MMO project, meaning i have the normal MMO project folder, but now i want to fork into a different version of the project without affecting my current one, is this possible? How would i do this? Do i need to basically create a *new* project and then copy all contents from my original project?


Ok i think i answered my own question:

So basically if anyone else needs to do the same, create a new project note the new folder then copy the contents of anything your trying to fork from EXCEPT DO NOT copy the Settings file, you only need the Edit/Game folders and the Data file.


LOL! never mind didnt work, project doesnt show it after its closed .. so my original question still stands.


LMAO! ... too easy ...

1. Create new project
2. open your project and simply copy all selected elements
3. done.

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