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gui order
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gui order
hi guys

i have problem to put my region gui infront of my premade inventory gui. want to creat a region every time mouse is on the item and i got that.. but when i use Gui += and create function it goes under the inventory gui and i want it to be above.

then i know there is something like
gobjs=UID(1984231615, 122222231, 10778906, 1906778225);
Window &window=gobjs.getWindow(S);

and i can use window += and create function it goes above the inventory but it doesn t go to exact ms.pos coordinates and every time i move that window it creates it in different spot. can anybody help me how i can get thre region next to the mouse and above the inventory window,?? thank you in advance

never mind i got it. all i had to do is subtract window screen position from mouse pos and it gave me position i needed.. i did it other way arround before.. subtracted mose pos from screen pos. thank you anyway...
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10-22-2013 08:01 PM
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