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Destruct files
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Rogus Offline

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Destruct files
1. I'm testing file patcher from tutorials. Using uploader tool I have sent .dat files and .destruct, but patcher downloads only .dat file.

2. Can I use .destruct from EE 2.0? How to load them.
04-25-2014 10:38 AM
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Harry Offline

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RE: Destruct files
2. If you have enums which determine type of your objects (OBJ_STATIC etc.) add new OBJ_DESTRUCTIBLE. When creating new object set this type to him and set String parameter. Name it 'destruct'. Set value to path to your .destruct (or file ID). I think that you can load this file to the project by drag and drop (or create new file, I don't remeber, doesn't have EE 2.0 Editor on this computer). After that create in you code memory container for Game::Destructible objects and set OBJ_DESTRUCTIBLE objects to use Game::Destructible class when loading world.
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04-25-2014 02:21 PM
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