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How do I Access the Terrain Editor?
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How do I Access the Terrain Editor?
ANOTHER stupid question!

Or series of questions, that is...

I've installed the free version of this engine (and I'm immensely happy that all free version projects are compatible with the payed Source version), but I've immediately run into some problems...
First... how do I get to the terrain editor? I'm not a coder (though I intend to learn), just a designer/artist/writer working with a team of coders, and I liked the look of Esenthel's terrain editor on Youtube demo's and things. However, when I click "new project" , I simply get a blank screen with a menu on the side. I click on "Esenthel Engine," and every other folder I click on opens up a wall of code...
According to all the videos I watched, the first screen you see upon starting a project is the terrain editor with a grid...
Please help.

Also: once I'm finally able to edit terrain and play around with that, how do you import L3DT maps into Esenthel? L3DT is the software I intend to use to map out my game world, since it's going to be quite large, and that software's a lot quicker than painting terrain in a traditional editor...

Also: is the engine I downloaded from the Esenthel store Esenthel 2.0? Because it says "welcome to Esenthel 1.0" when I open it...
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08-31-2014 12:01 AM
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RE: How do I Access the Terrain Editor?

Can you attach a screen that shows welcome to 1.0?

I don't think it should do that unless you've downloaded a wrong version somewhere.

The latest version is called just esenthel, it was released after 2.0 so you can think of it as 3.0

You create new elements by right clicking on the side menu and selecting "new world" for example.
Then you can see the world editing over here

To import terrain, once you're in the world editor, please click on the import button.
08-31-2014 02:21 AM
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RE: How do I Access the Terrain Editor?
I'm an idiot...
You have to RIGHT click on the Esenthel bar...
Well, go to know there's all these Tutorials...
And thanks for the Link. I like the look of this engine...
Now, as for that L3DT question...
08-31-2014 03:54 PM
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