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Physics not moving along with car mesh
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Physics not moving along with car mesh
Hi there!
I followed Scarlet thread's tutorial on Game Object basics.
But I realized that my Car object's physics is stationary when I move the car.
Which implies that my car moves through walls.How do I update the physics so that it moves simultaneously with the car mesh? Thanks in advance.Here is the code.

class Car : public Game::Obj
   Vec dir;
   Car ::Car();
    UInt drawPrepare();    
    void drawShadow();
   void create(Object &obj);
   virtual Vec    pos         (                ){return _matrix.pos;} // get position
   virtual void   pos         (C Vec    &pos   ){_matrix.pos = pos; _scaled_matrix.pos=pos;}// set position
   virtual Matrix matrix      (                ){return _matrix;} // get matrix
   virtual Matrix matrixScaled(          ){return _scaled_matrix;} // get the scale matrix.Not found in Game::Obj
   virtual void   matrix(C Matrix &matrix){_matrix = matrix; _scaled_matrix = matrix; _scaled_matrix.scaleOrnL(scale);} // set matrix

   // get
   bool InSpawnRange(Player&chr)
      return Dist(pos(), chr.pos()) <= 15;
   // move
   void move()
      // code to move car

   // update
    Bool  update(); // update, return false when object wants to be deleted, and true if wants to exist

Matrix _matrix, _scaled_matrix;

Vec scale;
MeshPtr mesh;
MaterialPtr material;
PhysBodyPtr phys;
Actor  actor;
PathObstacle obst;

Controller ctr;
float    range;
float    damage;
float    fuel;


Car ::Car() : range(7.0f), damage(10.0f), fuel(100.0f){};

Car ::~Car()
void Car::create(Object &obj)

scale      = obj.scale3();
mesh       = obj.mesh();

phys        = obj.phys();
_matrix     = obj.matrixFinal().normalize();  
_scaled_matrix = _matrix;

  dir = matrix().orn().z;
   actor.create(*phys, 1, scale, true).matrix(_matrix).collision(true);
   ctr.create(Capsule(0.5, 0.4, pos()));

Bool Car::update()
   ctr.update(pos(), false, false);
   return true;

uint Car::drawPrepare()
   if(mesh && Frustum(mesh->ext, _scaled_matrix))
   uint modes = scale.length();
   return modes;

void  Car::drawShadow()
   if(mesh && Frustum(mesh->ext, _scaled_matrix))

Please how do improve the code?
Below is a screenshot of the situation.

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