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December 2019
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December 2019
Released Esenthel for Windows, Mac and Linux:
-IMPORTANT: Please backup your project before updating to latest version
-IMPORTANT: Added support for Physically Based Rendering (PBR) which has much higher quality
-IMPORTANT: After opening old projects in new engine version, your material textures will look broken! Please reload all of your material textures (make sure all material image source files are accessible, then in "Project List" at the top, select "List Only Materials" and "List Flat", select all materials in the project Ctrl+A and right-click "Operations\Material\Reload Base Textures", Warning: this process may take a long time and require a lot of disk space, use "Erase Removed Elements" after synchronizing with server to delete old textures)
-IMPORTANT: Dropped support for Windows 7, to support Win7 please modify "#define SUPPORT_WINDOWS_7" in "headers.h" file
-added a workaround for slow OpenGL UBO updates on Mac, improving performance around 3x
-added new 'D.diffuseMode' allowing to set Lambert / Oren-Nayar / Burley(Disney) shading modes (this is also configurable in Editor Options Advanced menu)
-changed default diffuse mode to Burley (previous versions used Lambert)
-improved quality of material normal maps and render target normals in Deferred renderer
-improved quality/precision of specular light colors
-Materials Specular was replaced with Smoothness(Roughness/Gloss)
-Materials have a new "Reflectivity" parameter and texture slot, while "Reflection" was removed (reflection is now taken from one global image 'D.envMap')
-Material detail texture now supports smoothness adjustment
-Materials now support using alpha and glow maps at the same time
-updated documentation about Materials with a list of real-world physical properties for reflectivity of different kinds of materials - https://esenthel.com/?id=doc#Material
-added new methods 'D.envMap', 'D.envColor' (please read 'D.envMap' comments on how to use it properly)
-added new mode "Environment" for Project Image Elements (only this mode can be used for 'D.envMap')
-added previewing render smoothness, reflectivity and glow via RS_SMOOTH, RS_REFLECT and RS_GLOW
-'Renderer.combine' will now work correctly with alpha-blended effects (blend/palette particles, alpha-blended meshes)
-'Renderer.combine' will now work much better with Motion Blur and Depth of Field
-improved back face lighting for grass and leaf materials
-slightly improved mesh loading times
-'ImageCompare' now supports high precision image formats
-updated Android 'targetSdkVersion' to version 28
-added debug range asserts for 'Image.gather*' methods
-implemented debug assertions that will notify when destroying a Gui Object that's still being used
-IMAGE_BC* and IMAGE_ETC2* compression is now multi-threaded
-Image resize is now multi-threaded
-increased shader compilation speed
-updated water shaders for PBR formulas
-water bump texture and wave scale parameter now affect surface normal vector realistically improving lighting quality
-added new function 'Refract'
-added new option 'App.backgroundFull' allowing application to stay visible when fullscreen but inactive (background mode), this option was applied to the Editor
-improved material texture generation when for example bump is resized to small texture resolution, and normal is created from bump resized to higher texture resolution, in that case normal will avoid double resize, use a single resize and don't lose quality and detail
-improved IC_ALPHA_WEIGHT for Image copying
-improved "convert to atlas" and "extract from atlas" to better process material textures
-added new method 'File.resetOK' allowing to manually reset OK status
-disabled tesselation/detail maps for forward renderer to reduce shader file size

-fixed rendering material ambient in deferred renderer
-fixed potential artifacts in water shader
-fixed potential crash on app startup on Windows
-updated XAudio to latest version to fix potential crashes in its old version
-fixed various issues related to setting fullscreen mode on multi-monitor setup on Windows
-improved detecting when full screen mode was lost on Windows
-'D.screen' on UWP now properly returns the size of main display (as specified in the comments) instead of display on which the app is located
-fixed resizing app window on Linux causing the window to jump around
-fixed displaying correct motion blur when previewing animation in the editor at the start of the animation
-fixed importing tiny TGA files
-fixed drawing outlines with black color
-fixed potential crash when decoding IMAGE_BC formats

API Changes:
-removed IC_MTRL_BASE1 parameter (no longer needed)
-removed 'D.highPrecNrmCalc'
-'Water.update' scale was changed
12-03-2019 03:50 AM
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RE: December 2019
Released Esenthel for Windows, Mac and Linux:
-'App.drop' callbacks on Windows will now have knowledge about ctrl/shift/alt keys pressed even if app is inactive
-'LightDir' now has a new configurable radius parameter
-decreased default epsilon for angular differences in animation optimization process in order to reduce shakiness and improve smoothness of imported animations
-added new bulk operations options for materials for setting normal/smooth/reflect value/texture for multiple materials at the same time

-fixed File Browser tasks failing after "Stop All in Progress" was executed
-fixed 'ContainsAny', 'ContainsAll' not working properly in some cases
-fixed Animation Editor since last release, when adding new position keyframes for root bone not using current position

API Changes:
-added new parameter to 'LightDir' constructor changing the order of volumetric parameters
12-08-2019 05:19 PM
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